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Natalie's Article: The July 15, 1991 issue of The Nation was devoted to the subject of patriotism. Natalie wrote a short article on the subject.

Human Conflict #5 Press Kit: Natalie may be embarrassed by the early days of her former band 10,000 Maniacs, but we here at the @Natalie page love those crazy days. Thanks to Alan, we got hold of a xeroxed copy of a press kit the band put together when they released their very first recording, the EP Human Conflict Number Five way back in 1982.

* If the name Myron Bilowe means nothing to you, click here.

Myron Bilowe is a character mentioned in the fabulous 10,000 Maniacs' song Lilydale on the album The Wishing Chair:

Born in New Albion
of Rice family elite
wed to Myron Bilowe
thrice with sons
blessed was she

Natalie was known in those days (early 1980s) to spend a lot of time hanging around the cemetary in Jamestown and I believe she pulled the name off of a headstone.

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